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How Left Turns and U-turns Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents

With scenic views along coastal roads in beautiful weather, California’s highway system is a favorite of motorcyclists. Unfortunately, bikers who are involved in accidents are prone to serious and permanent injuries. Among the common causes of these accidents are car and truck drivers who make left turns and U-turns that cut off motorcycles coming in the other direction.

Drivers who intend to make a left turn or a U-turn must make sure they can do so without causing an accident with oncoming traffic. Under the California Vehicle Code, a driver who intends to complete a left turn must first make sure that he or she can do so safely by yielding to oncoming traffic that may pose a hazard.

Typically, a driver whose left turn or U-turn caused the accident will claim that he never saw the motorcyclist or that the motorcyclist was speeding, ignored a stop sign, was impaired or was otherwise negligent. Since California is a comparative fault state, any negligence attributable to the motorcyclist can reduce his or her recovery of damages. For example, if a jury determines that the injured motorcyclist was 25 percent responsible for the accident, any award for damages would be reduced by that percentage.

That is why it is so important for a motorcyclist involved in a vehicle accident to contact an experienced California motorcycle accident attorney who can conduct a thorough investigation. This means gathering all police reports, identifying and interviewing witnesses, obtaining photographs of the accident scene and of damages to the involved vehicles and retaining expert witnesses. Accident reconstructionists and other types of experts may be hired to survey and analyze the accident scene and all evidence available, including evidence that the other driver was occupied by cell phone use or otherwise distracted.

If you are seriously injured in the motorcycle accident, an experienced attorney will fight to get the compensation you deserve from the at-fault driver and/or his insurance company. Damages that you may recover include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost future income
  • Future medical expenses

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