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Santa Barbara Public Transportation Accidents Lawyer

Standing up for your right to safe public transportation

Public transportation providers have a special duty to protect the safety of their passengers, as prescribed by California law. And yet, each year, many people are injured due to provider and operator negligence. With nearly 35 years of trial experience, Robert Patterson has a strong record of securing compensation for accident victims and their loved ones. Most recently, we won significant compensation from a California cable car company for catastrophic injuries.

Our public transportation accidents attorney in Santa Barbara, Robert Patterson, understands that these are often catastrophic accidents. There are usually no seatbelts and passengers may be tossed around within or thrown from the vehicle. So there are frequently serious head and back injuries and even deaths. These legal cases are often complex, involving multiple parties such as:

  • Transportation providers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Public agencies
  • Insurance companies

Holding providers to a higher standard

Under California law, any individual or entity that charges passengers a fee or carries passengers as part of day-to-day business is considered a “common carrier,” including:

  • Buses
  • Cable cars
  • Trolleys
  • Excursion boats and cruise ships
  • Taxis and limousines
  • Shuttle services
  • Trains and subways

Common carriers are held to the highest standards of vigilance to ensure passenger safety, and must provide:

  • Vehicles in excellent working condition and free from debris
  • Additional assistance and designated seating for elderly and disabled passengers
  • Seats for every passenger (excluding city buses)
  • Protection from violence
  • Safe locations for unloading

Protecting your financial future

If you were hurt in a public transportation accident or incident due to provider negligence, then you should be compensated for your injuries or loss. Not every injury attorney has the experience to handle Santa Barbara public transportation accidents. Attorney Robert Patterson and his team have the research skills, commitment and trial experience to win fair compensation, including for medical care, lost current and future income and pain and suffering.

Experienced public transportation accident attorney in Santa Barbara

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