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Car Accident Injuries That May Have Delayed Symptoms

Car accidents are common occurrences on Southern California roads and, thankfully, most do not involve serious injuries. Where a participant in a crash has an obvious injury, whether it be life-threatening or of a lesser degree, medical attention is quickly sought, often beginning at the scene of the accident. But there are car accident injuries […]

How California Personal Injury Cases Are Proceeding During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the United States and throughout the world. The California Superior Court system is not immune to the negative consequences. Many of the courts are under orders to remain closed or to offer limited access to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Santa Barbara County Superior Court is open […]

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents In California

Interestingly, most trucking accidents do not involve personal injury. The majority of 18-wheeler and large trucking accidents result only in property damage. However, when collisions occur between big trucks and passenger vehicles, drivers of passenger vehicles are at fault the majority of the time. In 2012, of the 33,561 fatalities in motor vehicle crashes on […]

Distracted Driving Or Drunk Driving Which Is More Dangerous

Driving a motor vehicle safely should take all of our attention. Anything that distracts attention from focusing on the road is a potential hazard. Whether it takes the form of tapping out a quick text message, applying makeup, or any of the other things that people think they can do and still drive, distracted driving […]

Determining Fault In A Parking Lot Accident

You use parking lots every day at work, to do your shopping at the mall and to buy groceries. Between cars pulling into spaces and backing out of them, and pedestrians walking around looking down at their cell phones, parking lots can be a prime spot for accidents to occur. Right of way in parking […]